Computer Science and System Engineering Department

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Emmanuel Battesti


Address:ENSTA ParisTech - U2IS
828, Boulevard des Maréchaux
91762 Palaiseau Cedex
Emmanuel Battesti
Tel.:+33 1 8187 2038

Research activity

Visionav Project: Development of a navigation and localization solution for mobile robots based on vision and odometry, in partnership with Gostai. The system is based on the detection of visual loop closures applied to topological and metric SLAM.
Pacom Project: Participation in the Pacom project for the "Carrot Challenge" competition. The system explores an unknown environment, maps it and locates itself there. At the same time, the robot recognizes and locates known objects in this environment, as well as possible obstacles, the type of wall and floor, the windows, the number of rooms,...
Pamu, Adcc, Evaps, Dangun Projects: Participation in research on autonomous cars with Renault. Design and development of navigation module, decision making module, traffic simulator, remote operation system and visualization module.


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