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Antoine Manzanera


Address:ENSTA ParisTech - U2IS
828, Boulevard des Maréchaux
91762 Palaiseau Cedex
Antoine Manzanera
Tel.:+33 1 8187 2042


I am associate Professor at the Electronics and Computer Science Laboratory of ENSTA-ParisTech (Vision and Robotics team). My research domain is Image Processing and Vision Algorithms. My research interests are: Image Modelling, Algorithms and Data Structures, in particular for Embedded Vision Systems. My main contributions relate to Early Vision (Filtering and Feature extraction), Motion analysis (Detection, Estimation, Tracking), and to Parallel implementations of those algorithms.
I am a lecturer in Mathematical Morphology, Image Processing and Computer Vision, mainly at ENSTA-ParisTech (2nd and 3rd year of Engineer Degree), and University Paris 6 (Master Degree in Computer Science, Specialities "Image Processing" and "AI and Decision"). I coordinate the 2nd year elective "Image Science" and the 3rd year electives "Image and Interaction" and "Interaction Vehicle-Environment" for the Engineering degree of ENSTA-ParisTech.
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